General Site Rules

This is a family event, no inappropriate nudity and keep profanity to a minimum at all times.

Ages 15 and under can attend the event with a paying adult (18+) but cannot enter normal combat and must be supervised at all times.

Ages 16-18 can attend the event with a paying adult (18+ who must be responsible for them) and can enter normal combat.

Ages 18+ No restrictions our standard rules apply.

Once a ticket has been purchased you have up until 14 days from the event to claim a refund minus a £10 administration fee.

£2.50 of all ticket sales are considered to be your booking fee.

All tickets must be purchased through the Chaosgate website or on the gate.

All tickets are none transferable.

When buying tickets for someone other than your self you must provide their name and email address, if you do not provide this information we will not send out the ticket and we reserve the right to keep the ticket until it is provided and will not offer a refund.

Please note that special underage combat battles will be organised through out the event.

You will treat the site with respect, do not damage the hedges or gates in any way, please leave it in a tidy state.

All rubbish is to be taken with you when you leave the site.

You will treat all Chaosgate equipment with respect.

You must bring all of your own in character and out of character kit, equipment, costume, armour and weapons, Chaosgate will not be able to provide them for you.

If an area is marked off with rope or marker tape do not cross it, these are out of bounds areas and are there for your safety.

Vehicles are to be parked in the designated area only at all times and not driven on to the site for any reason other than for disabled access which will have to be pre-arranged. Vehicles are left at the owners risk Chaosgate will not take responsibility for any loss or damage.

Tehidy do not allow camper vans or caravans in the parking area and we cannot have them in the camping field so please do not bring them as we will have to ask you to leave site.

Bullying out of character will not be tolerated.

No credit will be given for any reason.

No fires/ BBQs of any kind are allowed on the site.

Smoking and Vaping are only permitted in the designated areas.

There is to be no loud music or shouting after 10pm or before 7am (we have neighbours)

Tents are to be spaced at least 2 metres apart to meet fire safety regulations (if unsure speak to the Chaosgate crew).

Chaosgate or the land owner will not be responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or personal property.

Chaosgate will charge you for the repair or replacement value of any Chaosgate property that you have lost, damaged, vandalised or destroyed.

The crew/ marshals/ referees are there to make sure everything goes smoothly, please listen to what they have to say and their word is final.

Legal or illegal highs will not be tolerated and any one found with them or doing any thing illegal will be expelled from site and reported to the police.

The Chaosgate team reserve the right to warn and expel anyone from the site if they are in breach of the rules or if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate.

We reserve the right to confiscate any item which we deem inappropriate or unsuitable. It may be collected at the end of the event.

Any personal information provided to Chaosgate will be keep strictly confidential and will not be passed on with out the consent of the individual we adhere to the data protection act.

Wrist bands must be worn at all times failure to do so might result in you being asked to leave site, if you lose you band a replacement can be sought from the crew but a fee of £5 may apply.

There is every possibility that at any Chaosgate event a film crew or photographer may be present, this media may be used for promotional purposes. By buying a ticket you agree for that media image of yourself or that of any prop or equipment to be used for Chaosgate. If you do not wish those images to be used please contact us as soon as possible before or when arriving at the events.

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In Character Rules

All characters begin with 3 hit points, this can be raised by your class and race and level.

Two handed weapons, pole arms and staves must be used in two hands and cannot be used combined with a shield.

Armour adds to your hit point total unless you are effected by a power, spell or ability which ignores armour.

There are 3 different types of armour, light (1 point), medium (3 points) and heavy (6 points).

The type of armour you can wear is dictated by your class and phys rep, so if you wish to wear heavy armour you must be of the fighter class and have a costume with looks appropriate, whether you wear actual metal armour or a LARP equivalent. For Example light armour either a leather jerkin or leather pieces covering a good percentage of the body . Medium armour is studded / boiled  leather that covers a good percentage of the body ?Heavy armour plate chest or splint/chain that covers a good percentage of the body.

If your last hit point is removed then you immediately fall down playing dead, you must there remain until the encounter is finished or you have an ability cast upon you which allows you act in a way defined by the ability.

Coup De Gras Can only be used against a fellow player, it can only be done if unseen by the victim, you have to touch the skin or cloth of the player in what would be considered a vital area. You MUST not swing or thrust the blade only lightly touch and say Coup De Gras. You cannot Coup De Gras during an encounter but it may start one. Also Coup De Gras does not require armour repair. Once a victim of Coup De Gras respawns they have no knowledge of who performed the act.

An encounter ends when one side either retreats, surrenders or are slain. Once the encounter ends you must head out of character to your re-spawn point if slain .

If you have lost any hit points during an encounter, these can only be regained by heading to your clans, the main re-spawn point or have an ability cast upon you. which restores hit points.

There is one main  re-spawn point and each clan has one which serves as an area when dead you head back to, touch said point and then continue alive and with full hit points. It does not however heal any temporary hit points or regenerate any used powers it also does not repair any armour, weapons or equipment. Should your clan and or the main re-spawn point be down then your character is held in limbo until a time it is cleansed/ fixed. If the points cannot be cleansed/ fixed the refs will advise on which way to proceed.

If you died and had to re-spawn following an encounter your armour class is reduced by one class e.g. if you had heavy armour this is now reduced to medium until you get it repaired.

Only the clan with the blacksmith job can repair any armour, weapons and equipment.


You may loot a player or npc but only if they are dead.

In Character Theft (Player v Player) = Should you fall in combat your opponent can search you for anything of interest providing that he/she survived the combat. This is done by telling the corpse that they are being searched, the corpse can then speak out of character to say if they had anything on them (i.e. money, scrolls, etc). The dead character must then give anything over which has been asked for which can be looted. Under NO circumstance can you actually search someone. Should a player believe that another player is being unfair and lying about what they are carrying then please speak to a member of the crew. Some items can only be stolen under certain circumstances, normally these are magical items. To steal a magical item from a player you must have an  Apostle present who also participated and survived the battle in order to steal said item. The previous owner, recipient and Apostle must then all head to a ref and make the trade.

In Character Theft (Player v Monster) = Should you fall in combat either opponent can search for anything of interest providing that he/she survived the combat. This is done by telling the corpse that they are being searched,  the dead character must then give anything over which has been asked for. Under NO circumstance can you actually search someone. Should anyone believe that the person being searched is being unfair and lying about what they are carrying then please speak to a member of the crew. To steal a magical item from a monster you must have an  Apostle present who also participated and survived the battle in order to steal said item. The previous owner, recipient and Apostle must then all head to a ref to make the trade. Monsters can steal lammies from players but do not need an apostle to do so but still need to inform a ref.

Monster may not give their full loot to one person, do not loot them again as you will gain nothing further, this is done to ensure a fair distribution.

Looting a player or monster while they are alive is strictly prohibited, in short no pick pocketing.

Lootable items are:- in character money, potions, poisons, scrolls, lammied items. if you wish to loot anything that is not lammied or not specified above e.g. a plot item then you must seek the advise of a ref. You are reminded that you cannot loot any player’s personal possessions or Chaosgate equipment.

Each player may purchase only two unlootable items (see magic items for more details)

Clan weapon upgrades or special items cannot be looted.

Aside from in character money, scrolls and potions, the only other things that can be looted must have a lammie on them. If you wish to loot a non lammied plot item then you must speak to an admin to see if it is possible.

Monsters may not give up their full loot in one go, do not loot them again as you will gain nothing more (this is done to try and share the items fairly).

Should you think anyone is looting unfairly or not handing over what they have when they should then please speak to an admin.

When looting a lammied item, the looter, the looted and an Apostle must report to an admin.


To pick a lock you must work on said lock for the minimum of 1 minute undisturbed and have a phys rep of lock picks.

When picking a lock or using Ruin on a lock a ref has to be present.

Locks can also have the Ruin spell cast upon them, this will open said lock.

The lock itself must be phys reped but not actually lock.

A lock may not have the unlootable upgrade but it is possible to find magical locks.

If the container has a unlootable upgrade on it or is within the clans unlootable area then you may pick the lock but not loot the contents.


Magic items can be both found and purchased.

There is no limit to how many magic items you can have but you must have the phys rep for it. Should you gain a magic item and have no phys rep for it then you may sell it to another character, NPC or back to Chaosgate, if by the end if the event your non phys rep item has not been sold then Chaosgate will buy it from you automatically for a price determined by us.

Certain magic items can only be used by certain classes, ie Heal can only be used by Apostles.

Magic items can be looted from you but it requires both parties and an Apostle who survived the encounter to transfer the item over in the present of a ref.

*Just for clarification – a magic item is usually a weapon or armour, e.g. a +1melee lammie, or legendary weapon lammie. These items need to have a phys rep to attach to, e.g. A weapon or armour.

The magic lammies, e.g. Heal, Barrier etc will need a phys rep container/vessel, e.g. a spellbook, scroll tube or other appropriate holder..

Also.. You can actually buy/find/loot as many spell lammies as you want, but you can only hold up to a max of 4 of each spell/feat at any time on your person (this includes any you already know naturally).

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Combat Rules

Weapons have to be appropriate phys-reps (physical representations) and made to an adequate safety standard

All weapons and armour must be checked by the appropriate Chaosgate crew member before each event if we deem it unsafe you will not be allowed to use it. clothing/ costume does not need to be checked, but please be mindful of any studs, buckles, clasps or sharp edges on the clothing, if the crew deem an item to be unsafe then it will be tagged and kept safe until the end of the event or the time you wish to leave site where it will be retuned to you.

We do not allow injection moulded weapons.

We reserve the right to check your weapon or armour at any point during an event.

This is a game of tag no full force blows (pull your swing before you make contact).

You must react to the hits that you received this makes for better realism and an acknowledgement of the blow for your opponent. Some unnatural creatures may not react as they may be immune.

Grappling, wrestling, shield barging is not allowed. Also grabbing the weapons is not allowed as this can cause damage to the phys rep.

You must not be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances if you wish to fight, this could lead to you injuring your self or other people.

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Spell Rules/ Calls

To cast a spell/ cantrip you must weave your hands and chant (a phrase to fit your character), then touch a target. A cantrip is expelled the moment you touch a target, even if you miss by touching a shield, weapon, etc. A spell is held in your hand until you hit (except ranged weapon spells). You must chant for two seconds then place hand/s on a creature when casting. No hitting or slapping.

Ranged spells automatically hit the target, to cast a ranged spell you must chant loudly for two seconds then point shout the spell/ effect at your intended target.

+ damage = the number after the plus is the amount of damage you add to whatever you do per successful hit.
double or x damage = you double or multiply the amount of damage you do per successful hit, this is added before any +damage.

Any X effect (armour class, heal, damage) only multiplies the original amount regardless of how many times you have cast it. So for instance improved steel on heavy armour works a follows, 6+6+6=18

Resurrect = You can come back to life with hit points equal to twice your level, if a resurrect potion as been used on you. Alternativley if resurrected by a spell then you come back with as many hit points which equals twice the casters level.

Fumble = immediately drop the item fully on to the ground or surface beneath it, you may then pick it straight back up, if you are unable to drop the weapon then you take one hit point of damage instead.

Heal = You heal a character for the spells /cantrips power, this cannot take the target over their maximum hit point total and cannot heal temporary hit points.

Ignore = if a attack or spell/cantrip ignores something then you may not add that to your defence.

Knockdown = you must immediately fall to the floor, you can then get back up.

Knockback = you must immediately move back 5 paces or until you encounter an object or person, if you encounter a person roleplay you both colliding.

Sense = you identify the object or person, if it’s an object take it to a ref/ admin if it’s a person they must immediately tell you what you have sensed.

Temporary hit points = these last for the combat, temporary hit points are the first which are removed when damage is done. Temporary hit points from different sources never stack with each other, you may only use the higher value. Temporary hit points cannot be healed. Your temporary hit point value can take you over your maximum hit points.

Limbo= Your character is completely inactive and may not participate in the game until such time until you emerge from limbo, this is not permanent death.


There are ways that any character can die permanently. Should this happen, you should head to a ref immediately, you will then be able to write up a new level 1 character. You will have to surrender any in character items or possessions you have upon your death, unless they have been looted or are in the possession of another character. Magic items are bound to the character and must be surrendered, they cannot be held by any other individual, yet they can be looted from your corpse using the looting rules. Any Clan or Guild items you are carrying must also be surrendered, the refs will then keep them or hand them back to the relevant Clan/Guild depending on the items function and needs.

As it stands there are a few ways permanent death can occur, he is a list of the most common.

·        Heading into an area not effected by response points, ie, travelling through the Chaosgate or another area outside the response points reach. Should you wish to go to an area outside of the respawn points reach, then you will be informed by a ref that permanent death will apply.

·        Npc or item. Some non player characters and items have the ability to ignore respawn points, should an npc or item be present that has this ability then the refs will warn the players that permanent death will apply.

·        Clan warfare. Player characters can permanently kill other player characters but certain things have to be set in motion beforehand. Should one clan wish to permanently try and kill another clan the Chaosgate council must be informed and then a vote must take place by the council members. If the vote comes back as a majority for the attack then the Mages or Apostles Guild must be approached to turn off the respawn point. The main respawn point powers the Clans personal respawn points, so this means that with the main respawn point off the Clans points no longer function (this does not effect any abilities which have been purchased for a clan respawn point which do not have anything to do with respawning). Anybody that dies during this encounter are considered permanently dead, normal rules apply Resurrect etc.

·        The respawn point becomes active again when the encounter has finished.

The one safe area during this encounter is inside the tavern, if at any point you enter the tavern you are considered out of the encounter and cannot participate, unless you leave the tavern while the encounter is still active.

Should an entire clan be killed then all the powers on their respawn point are lost and the clans area can be looted as normal.

When the council approach the mages or apostles Guild to turn off the respawn point, it must be obeyed by at least one of the Guilds. The Guild must then perform a ritual on the respawn point and make it abundantly clear what is happening, the ritual must take at least 1 minute.

Even though the council must have a majority to turn off the respawn point, it doesn’t mean that all council members must vote or be present.

(As a side note, even though the main respawn point powers the Clans respawn points, it does not mean that the clans points are affected if the main point is defiled by monsters)

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