Guilds have been included to add some extra depth and allegiances to Chaosgate.

By joining a Guild you are pledging yourself to the rules and ethics of said Guild, should your Clan and Guild ever have different views and opinions then it will be down to you and your character to decide how you stand.

Each event a set of missions will be allocated to each Guild as well as a set amount of in character money. It will be down to the Guild leader how these are distributed. Guild leaders also can shape their Guild and ethos which ever way they feel (we would ask that any large changes be submitted to the admins first)

To join a guild all you need to do is approach said Guild and they will decide whether to admit you or not, depending on the rules made by the Guild depends on how you gain admittance. The event after you are admitted is considered your first event within that Guild and all the perks it brings. This does not stop you doing missions or anything else the Guild requires though.

At the last sanctioned Chaosgate of the year a election will be held to see who will lead in the following year, any Guild member or leader may stand as many times as they wish. Only Guild members may vote in this election. The member with the most votes is elected as leader and the member with the second amount of votes is elected as second in command.

In case of ties the leader regains his/her title, should that leader not be in the running then it is his/her decision which member within the tie becomes the next leader.

Should the Second in Command position be a tie then it is the decision of the newly elected leader as to which member in the tie that gets the position.

Guild leaders get a extra lammie, a seat on the council and the ability to run the Guild as they wish. Should the leader not be present at an event then the second takes over the leaders role with all the benefits above.

A Guild leader or second cannot also be a Clan leader or Can second.

A character may join any Guild they wish whether it matches their class or not. As it stands there are four Guilds, Fighters, Mages, Rangers and Apostles.

Each member gains a perk based on their rank (some ranks have no perks), you gain one rank for every event that you are a member, the perk comes into play at the following event. You may only take a perk once but are free to take whichever one you wish.

Each member also gains a Guild token which enhances you character based on your rank.

Should a character leave a Guild (must be if their own free will and not made to by means such as the ‘Compel’ spell), then they keep all of their learned perks but lose the power of the token and rank, joining a new Guild after means you have to begin your rank and token from the beginning. Should you ever rejoin a Guild that you have previously been in, you regain your rank and token as it was when you left.

·        Rank 1- Gain token.

·        Rank 2- Guild power, profession or cantrip.

·        Rank 3- Token increase.

·        Rank 4- Guild power, profession or cantrip.

·        Rank 5- N/A.

·        Rank 6- Token increase and guild power, profession or cantrip.

·        Rank 7- N/A.

·        Rank 8- Guild power, profession or cantrip.

·        Rank 9- Token increase.

·        Rank 10- Guild power, profession or cantrip.

Token Abilities

·        Rank 1, +1 hp.

·        Rank 3, +1 hp, +1 encounter power.

·        Rank 6, +2 hp.

·        Rank 9, +2 hp, +1 encounter power.



Non fighters can learn the following perks.

·        Shields

·        Two handed weapons

·        Polearm

·        Light, medium, heavy armour (must be learnt in progression)

·        Ambidextrous

·        Staves

Fighters can learn the following perks.

·        Deflect – Twice per day the fighter may deflect one ranged spell or cantrip (this does not work on mass or touch spells), the spells ability takes effect on the caster. Must have a shield equiped. Cannot Deflect another Deflect or Mirror perks.

·        Hardened – Once per encounter you may ignore the next strike against you (only works if youn have medium or heavy armour).

·        Intercept – Once per encounter you may take an ajacent players next damage as your own, the friendly target takes no damage but you take it in full. (must be announced before strike).

·        Lash Out – Once per encounter all enemies attacking you get pushed back 10ft.

·        Might is Right – Gain +1 dam when fighting a non fighter (does not work against npc).


Non rangers can learn the following perks.

·        Light, medium armour (must be learnt in progression)

·        Bows

·        Crossbows

·        Thrown weapons

·        Ambidextrous

Rangers can learn the following perks.

·        Off the Cuff – And Learn a cantrip or proficiency from another class.

·        Forage – May gain the ability of one potion 2 times a day (must be the same potion type for both, if not used on the same day then the potions are lost). A phys rep is required to symbolise the vial (has to follow site rules, no glass etc).

·        Specialist – Choose 3 races (monster or player) and gain +1 damage when attacking them.

·        Flanker – When hitting an enemy from behind with a melee weapon you gain +1 dam.

·        Patience – If you ever get below half of your full hit points you may gain 1 free use of one of your feats. May only be used once per encounter.


Non mages can learn

·        Staves

·        Tremour cantrip

·        Detect power cantrip

·        Repel cantrip

·        Inflict pain cantrip

·        Hot cantrip

Mages can learn the following perks

·        Empower – Once per encounter you can double the damage of any one damaging spell you know. Cannot be used to enhance scrolls, potions or poisons.

·        Knowledge is Power – Learn any tier 1 apostle spell.

·        Preperation – May scribe an additional scroll per day.

·        Spell Sniper – Gain an additional 2 ranged spells per day.

·        Arcane Wall – For 30 seconds you cannot be hurt of have any spell cast apon you but you cannot fight or cast, you may move freely. 


Non apostles can learn the following perks.

·        Staves

·        Light armour

·        Stitch cantrip

·        Reinforce cantrip

·        Awe cantrip

·        Restore cantrip

Apostles can learn the following perks.

·        Mirror – Once per encounter any damage you take or spell cast on you also affects the perpatrator. Cannot Mirror another Mirror or Deflect perks.

·        Enhance Mortality – All spells that grant temporary hit points now have there scores doubled providing you have access to the spell. Cannot be used to enhance scrolls, poisons or potions.

·        Company of Friends – May freely give as many spell slots that you wish to another apostle (cannot be compled to do this).

·        Know Thine Self – Add another spell slot per encounter.

·        First Aid Master – Stitch now heals the same amount as your level (4 max).

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