Daggers, single handed weapons and staves proficiency.

Have no armour.

Scribe : place a power or cantrip in a scroll which anyone can use, that isn’t a scribe. You can only scribe one scroll per day. Should the spell have a level adjustment then it is only touch unless the character casting it has the ranged ability and uses a ranged slot to do so.

Tremor (knock down).
Detect power (sense magic).
Repel (5 second run).
Inflict pain (1 point damage).
Hot (target item, player fumbles item).

Compel : In one sentence you must give some one a single order with no conjunction, this must be obeyed. Compel cannot cause harm directly or indirectly, it also cannot put some one in harms way directly or indirectly. Compel cannot be used to order any player or NPC to hand over any possessions. E.G. “I compel you to HOP “-this is a correct example. “I compel you to HOP and SING” – this is bad example as it uses a conjunction.

There is no official time frame on Compel from now on. However, there are some stipulations/limitations that will apply..

If you have had Compel cast on you, there are a few ways it can be cancelled out..

1. Another Compel is cast on you, this will automatically cancel the original Compel..

2. The Apostle cantrip Restore is cast on you.

3. Official Time-Out at the end of the day.

4. You reach the end of the current encounter, or the next encounter if Compel was cast before the encounter started.

5. Death.

6. If you are put into harm’s way whilst under the Compel spell. I.e If you are compelled to be a chicken and then there is a demon attack near you, the spell is broken so you can protect yourself. (This would not apply if you are in a ‘safe place’ such as the Tavern).

7. Completing the task set out in the Compel.. I.e “I compel you to walk to the tavern” – the spell is broken once you get to the tavern..

Ruin: One item is ruined, it must be repaired by the clan with the job of blacksmith.  You cannot physically touch a weapon if it is in mid swing.

Barrier : Grants the character 4 points of magical armour plus 1 per you character level. This cannot stack with physical armour. The spell ends at the end of the current encounter, or the end of the next encounter if currently not in one. Should the caster cast ‘Barrier’ upon themselves then the spell lasts until death or in game time expires at the end of the day. The magic armour it grants will repair itself by touching the respawn point after the encounter in which you survived (identical to regular armour).

Inflict death : Deals 7 points of damage + 1 point per level.



Daggers, and one handed melee weapons and staves proficiency.

Knows light armour proficiency.

Conduit (Has the ability to transfer magical items from one person to another. You can not perform this ability on yourself.)

Stitch : Heals 1 point of damage on Self or Player

Reinforce: Grants 1 temporary hit point to Self or Player, only works on creature which has no temporary hit points.

Awe :  Target must kneel in front of you and is inactive for a 10 second count, he may not take any other action. Cantrip is broken if target is then struck by a weapon or have any spells/cantrips cast upon them.

Restore : Removes any negative effect from a character, providing you are alive and in control of your own mind.

Resurrect : Bring a player who has been reduced to zero HP . The player who has been resurrected has as many HP equal to twice the Apostles level (up to your maximum HP)

Heal: Heals a Character to their maximum HP.

Endurance: Grants 5 temporary hit points + 1 point per level.

Wrath: Can be cast on your self or another player. The next successful attack deals double damage and heals attacker for as much.



+2 hit points.

Light/medium/heavy armour proficiency.
Shield proficiency.
All melee weapon proficiencies.
Ambidextrous/ dual wield proficiency.

Berserk : When you have lost your last hit point you can then Berserk. This allows you to carry on fighting unaffected by physical damage for a 10 second count. Non damaging spells/cantrips/feats still have their normal effect. This ability ignores Compel, Awe and Repel. This Feat may only be purchased twice.

Spite : Deals double damage for next 3 successful hits.

Pound : Deals double damage + knockback and knockdown with next successful strike.

Improved steel : Doubles your armour value taking this ability twice triples your armour value, lasts until end if combat, must cast while inactive.  This Feat may only be purchased twice.


Light and Medium armour proficiency.
Can wield one handed weapons, bows, crossbows and thrown weapons.

Ambidextrous/ dual wield.

Pierce : Ignore armour for you next 2 successful melee or ranged shots, target must be within hearing range for this to work.

Pin: Melee or ranged ability in which target is rooted to the spot until death or end of encounter, if used at range, target has to hear you.

Pressure point: Melee or ranged ability which makes target inactive, any enemies damage spell/cantrip/feat wakes them. Wears off after combat, target must be able to hear you if using ranged.

Sweet spot : Melee or ranged attack which does double damage and forces target to fumble weapons.

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