Clans are a group of characters which tend to live and work together, unlike guilds where professions tend to bring them together, personal reasons attract people to clans, whether voluntary or not.

The Clans leadership structure and how it is run is completely up to the clan itself, some are a democracy while others rule by fear or strength.

If you wish to join a Clan then you must approach a member and follow any instructions that the Clan demand of you. The only out of character rules for joining a Clan is that if you are approved then you must report this to a ref and that you gain no benefits if the Clan until the next event.

The Clan can choose what and/or how many of the benefits its members have and when, the only exception to this is that when you become a member on the event after your approval you will automatically respawn at the Clan respawn point if you are slain.

Each clan must consist of at least 2 members.

Building a clan is free to create but you must have a patron – A patron must be an npc or another clan leader.

Each clan has a list of abilities attached to their respawn point that they can purchase, these are:

·        Hardened Response (takes 10 seconds to defile a point).

·        Backup (can res one clan member during an encounter, once per encounter).

·        Bolster (brings all clan members back with 1 temporary hp).

·        Fountain (all members gain 1 extra encounter power up to the tier they know, once per day).

·        Lock Down (cannot loot within the clans area)

·        Vorpal (bind 1 magic item to the response point which then effects all members).

Each clan may take a job and earn in character money, this can come in many different ways, when you have an idea you can speak to the admins to confirm it.

Each clan may have one special item or ability, please discuss this with the admins to confirm any ideas you may have.

Every member of the clan has one weapon or armour proficiency chosen by the clan. If you already possess this proficiency then unfortunately you gain no benefit. You also must own the previous armour type before gaining access to the clan chosen one, ie must have the light armour proficiency to gain the medium armour proficiency.

Each clan must have a respawn point – This must have a phys rep at each event, and you must notify the admins what the phys rep is going to be.

There is no upper limit to how many members a clan can have.

If the clans respawn point is down the members can use the universal one but gains none of the respawn points benefits.

Each clan head has the council upgrade which stacks with their current equipment and abilities.

Each clan head has a place on the council.

A clan can be abolished only if all clan members agree to it.

A clan can be destroyed if it is physically taken over and the majority of the council agree to it.

A clan leader or clan second may not also be a guild leader or guild second.

Each clan leader must nominate a second to run in their absence.

The current clans are as follows in alphabetical order:-

Clan Black

Fight hard.
Party harder.
Eat people.

The Pencari

Super mysterious knowledge gatherers lie here…


We are the free-folk. We hail from the unforgiving vikingr isles and have learned the value of true strength. It does not lie in fairy dust or dark magics or tin cans. It is a strength that comes from deep down, found only in the heat of battle, when you are worn down to your last breath and every fibre of your being screams to give-in. That is when you find what you are truly made of. Undröta will not allow Loki another husk to play with. We do not bow to the whims of the weak-minded fools who fight for coin and prestige. We fight for ourselves, for our brethren, for Odin and Freyja! Should you hear the roar of Valhalla on the battlefield, consider yourself lucky. That day, you will bare witness to a warrior becoming a legend.

The Wolfsburg Free Company 

The Wolfsburg Free Company is a penal legion and mercenary company from the Imperial Conglomerate of the Weigand Dominion. The majority of the mercenaries and penal legionaries originate from the city of Wolfsburg, with a large number from the surrounding villages and towns such as Erntedorf and Holzstadt. This war band of mercenaries is currently under the command of Captain Astandord Von Kessleryv. Their use is such to be sent forth and exploit foreign wars for income while also dealing with the problem of over crowding in the Dominions criminal system. The men, women and half breed ab-humans in the company although may be criminals they are forever ready to strike against any foolish enough to brave them selves against the cut throat, thuggish and yet some how disciplined nature of the Wolfsburg Free Company. The command structure favours those with a previous military experience, of which many members of the company possess. Their current campaign has them stationed in Kernow, protecting vital supply routes between Kelheim Keep and other such out posts. Also aiding (where possible)and protecting Dominion interests abroad whilst defending against the forces that spew from the Chaosgate.

The Dark Legion (Teens)

In the east lies a land of treasure and glory, Danmaarc. It’s people are divided into those who fear the darkness, and those who embrace it in its most powerful form, the Nobles and Knights, and the Demons and Devils. Between them however, lies the grey and mysterious race of vampires, a cold yet loyal branch of the magic peoples.

Not too long ago, a boy named Dalirel Solacen set out on the path of the vampire in a quest for knowledge and immortality, and discovered a grim truth about their world. As they neither side with the light or dark, they are a primary target for both.

Dalirel sought out other grey peoples, who strive to neither live in purity nor in deceit, those of both morality and sacrifice, of both loyalty and vanity. He wished to set free all who live in oppression from the High Court and from the Blairdress Cult, and forge a new group, who could both make conservative choices for favour, and choices of darkness without regret.

The first he found were the young vampire and pixie, Tiberius Riverspell and Luna Dragnoir, over in a tavern known as the Golden Claw in Somerset. Dalir and Tiberius came up with the Dark Legion, in pursuit of Dalirels original quest, with the additional idea of “RIMP”, or “Respect, Initiative, Money and Power”. Luna quickly joined in with this idea, as a friend of Tiberius, and the three of them set out to continue on their journey.

The Dark Legion moved south, towards Kernow where Dalirel had ties to a human named Daltrin. He enjoyed the prospect of a free and untamed world, and so joined the Dark Legion. In search of a future for themselves, the Clan decided to try and set up in Kernow, and Tiberius found the small town of Chaosgate, a place where all races and beliefs were accepted, so long as you were willing to fight off demons when the time came. Both acceptance and strength through battle were part of the Legions ideology (although being rather opposite ends of the scale of their doctrine) and so they set out for the town to try and gain RIMP, blood, and more potential allies.

The Chaosgate Killers (Children)

They may be small, but underestimate the power and might of these warriors at your peril! Made up of a multitude of races, skill sets and backgrounds, the Chaosgate Killers were formed in 2016 when the younglings of the village realised that they needed to band together to make their voices heard. They now proudly form the most welcoming, friendly Clan in the village, always open to new recruits, with none of the arguing and moaning that you may find in the “more mature” clans available…

Our members range in age from anywhere up to 11 years old. As soon as you can hold a sword… WE WANT YOU!

And, if you join our clan, we’ll automatically make your weapon LEGENDARY as a ‘clan perk’ on your 2nd event with us!


A live action role play game set in the heart of Cornwall.