The town of chaos gate was built around the ancient relic of the same name, many attempts were made to dispel, barricade and destroy the infernal gateway but nothing worked and at random intervals creatures from beyond still appeared and laid waste to the surrounding lands.

An adventuring party nearby became ambushed by a necromancer and his retinue, the resulting combat drew the attention of a nearby green skin patrol which also became involved, this became a three fold combat situation which erupted into bloodshed, to make matters worse… The chaos gate opened, hordes of unspeakable tentacled and clawed monstrosities poured through and hearing the battle slithered and charged into the fray. The three previous groups weary from fighting saw the charging creatures and hastily agreed to unite as one and stay off the hell spawn beasts, eventually slaying the fiends and chasing off the rest. At this moment, a powerful sorceress arrived at the tail end of the fighting. After long talks, the rabble made a pact that they would put aside their differences and defend the realm by guarding the gate…

Many years later…

The town of chaos gate stands, it’s one golden rule- regardless of your race, alignment, or religion, as long as you are seen to be guarding the gate and defending the realm, you will always be welcome here with a roof over you head with no cost except your sword arm when it is needed. This of course has interesting consequences as many nefarious characters and creatures may roam the land causing trouble but escape hounding out by abiding by the golden rule… However once outside of the town borders… Well that’s another story...

The land of 2 Duchies

Despite the ancient pact which was made, there still exists animosity between the citizens which has filtered in from beyond the town borders.

The majority of the realm is under the benevolent and honourable rule of the the Crown.

The Crown’s rule has spread from the inner mainland beyond the boundaries of Kernow.

The town of Chaosgate has a representative in The Duke of the Crown.

A man who had a swift rise to authority due to wars taking place in other lands. The cynics will mutter that his position was given too soon given his youth and inexperience, however, those that know him will whole heartedly defend him as a man of unswerving honour and justice to his people.

The royal Crown has sent him to Kernow to oversee that honour is maintained, especially here…

The Duke knows all too well of the Horrors of the Chaosgate, his sister was abducted by demons years ago and rumour has it that she was dragged screaming through the gate itself by a band of demon slavers, this quest is the only thing that the Duke of The Crown holds as high as the duties of the crown, he is the sovereign representative of the Crown Duchy.

A beacon of hope and honour whom many loyal folk flock to his banner of peace and justice.

And yet…

From the far ends of the land, from the Isle of Scythes, a seed germinates…

Lord Scythe, an ancient necromancer sits on his grotesque throne of human bones.

For many years the necromancer’s influence was contained to the Isles thanks to the Sea spawn that live and patrol the waters, however a war broke out among the sub species of the sea spawn. Lord Scythe used this war to make allies with one half of the sea spawned, offering them power in exchange for passage to the mainland.

Time passes and now the Duchy of the Claw rises, with Lord Scythe manipulating the machinations from the shadows of his necrotic island. He has welcomed into his fold every feralĀ  beast, savage Ork, cutthroat pirate, undead creature and anyone who as is stated ” face does not fit the high moral code” of the Crown Duchy. Owing to this end, there are many who are flawed and have made mistakes who seek refuge from the Crown’s crusade.

In the town of Chaosgate, there lurks The Archduke.

No one knows or dares to question his royal lineage, he is the apprentice and herald to Lord Scythe.

The Archduke loathes the high moral standards practiced by The Crown, embracing the depravity and butchery of the more savage races, but he is not a fool. He is fully aware of the malice lurking within the gate. He seeks to somehow ally with the demons and with their combined might destroy the Crown Duchy, yet with every attempt, the Archduke is met with evil beyond even him OR Lord Scythe. His warriors sent into the gate, returned in pieces. Until he can one day find the secret to the gate and controlling it, he will abide by the towns prime law and fight the Creatures inside, even if he has to fight shoulder to shoulder with The Crown… For now.

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