About Us

Chaosgate was the original idea of our founding member John Stoddern, following many discussions while rolling dice he graciously accepted the help of Ricky Barker and Martin Bray to help him bring the event to life.

Below is a little bit on our experience that we bring to running Chaosgate.

John Stoddern – Do my teeth need a clean!







Growing up in the late 80’s, I became obsessed with the cartoon,  “Dungeons and Dragons”, ( I didn’t even realise it was based on the famous role playing game ’til my late teens).

The other cartoon of my era was “Masters of the universe” with it’s main character, “He-man”, a fur loin clothed, muscle bound, magic sword swinging, kick ass barbarian type fella who could bitch slap Superman if needed ( yes, I have that comic),

So this was my first steps into the realm of fantasy, I’d never even heard of Tolkien or Robert E Howard.

Fast forward many moons later to my first job at a video rental store, this allowed me to discover many films such as Legend, Krull, The Princess Bride, Dragon slayer, and of course Conan.

I met other like minded customers there and through these gatherings, learned about role playing games, table top miniatures, collectable card games and Live Action Role Play. I still enjoy all of the above activities to this day,

 I have a couple of badass table top armies, a groaning shelf of RPG books, a FULL garage of He-man toys,

  but my favourite pastime that always gets my blood pumping was… Is… And hopefully will always be Larping.

 I have done this for more years than I care to admit, travelling the country to various events in random places, some with a few dozen, some with a few thousand players. I have been an undead bodyguard to a vampire, a barbarian fighter, a foppish royal representative and a blood soaked berserker!

I… Love… Larping

Over time, “the band” broke up, with all of us settling down to have families and full time jobs, but still meeting up on a Tuesday night to roll some dice and dispatch imaginary monsters on paper, but the hunger lurked….

Enter Chaosgate.

I wanted to re establish our gang of players but without to need to travel grand distances and not lose our wives when we spend our cash on gear and ticket prices, but still have that rush of hurling our team into battle against a foe.

So… With my enthusiasm, plus, the amazing support and brains of Ricky, Bray.

We all get to LARP again!

We just wanna play.

Join us if you will?

“By the power of Grayskull!!!”

Ricky Barker – I’m gonna split you in two.


I have over 20 years role-play experience in one form or another, whether it being Table Top, Larp or Re-enactment. Some of my fondest memories within this hobby is sitting around a campfire in the evening laughing and drinking with my friends, I wish for many more memories like this but maybe on a grander scale.

The thing I found a natural aptitude for is Dungeon mastering which has evolved into mainly leadership roles within most games. It was a obvious step to start running a event, enter Chaosgate. The original idea unfortunately got put on the back burner but with support from Bray and myself we have shaken it slightly and pushed this great idea forward.

My intent is to strive to make sure every player doesn’t walk away thinking ‘I wish I had something to do’, I have been to many a event like that and it drives me insane. You guys are paying so you should be playing. As a player myself I want this to be fun for all, so give me a tankard and a Vorpal Blade, lol.

Martin Bray – Join me in the tavern for a tale or two!


I have been role playing for many years starting off with table top then moving on to Larping, I have run many adventures most of which I conjured up myself not relying heavily on pre-generated adventures.

I was not introduced into LARPING until my 20’s and was rather nervous about it. I started off be being the standard fighter not saying or doing much in terms of character development. For me it was all about the combat let me hit things and lets see if they can hit me back, I was and am the tank. Following my early experiences with LARP I was lucky enough to be included as an NPC in another local LARP (sadly no longer running) which really helped me as a person to grow beyond my hit it now and talk to it later attitude and it gave me the confidence to play many different characters and indeed bad guys for others to enjoy.


A live action role play game set in the heart of Cornwall.